Dreamboogie say 'adios' to guitarist Mauricio Ochoa... after nearly 3 years, 100's of gigs and 1,000's of kilometres, Mauricio has left the band to pursue other musical goals that he would like to achieve. We thank Mauricio for being part of the Dreamboogie journey so far, his friendship and great contribution to the band, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


New guitarist Sam Buckley will step right into the Dreamboogie lineup to fill those big shoes! Sam has spent the past 4 years performing with Wollongong Blues artist, Anni Piper (who is leaving our shores to further the inroads she has made in the USA). Sam is one of the brightest young prospects on Blues guitar, bringing with him a truckload of new Blues grooves – Dreamboogie welcomes Sam to the fold!


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